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About kNnect

"Do you really need to be based in the same geographical location as your clients? The answer is No! "

Founded by Managing Director Lee Buckley in 2016, kNnect came to life through Lee's own experiences as a design engineer. After working closely with a local client over a five year period, Lee built up a professional and personal relationship. With no prior warning, Lee's customer decided to obtain designs from elsewhere. This happened to be a Design Engineering company based over 300 miles away! This got Lee thinking... "Do you really need to be based in the same geographical location as your clients?" The answer is "No"! Why can't a design engineer in Glasgow, compete for work in London? If it's more competitively priced and quicker, then great!

... And so kNnect was born!

How It Works

kNnect is a platform for Scaffold Contractors to advertise their design requirements, to Design Engineers nationwide.

It also provides Design Engineers access to obtain work from hundreds of Scaffold Contractors nationally.

Our bespoke software will automatically filter our Design Engineers to suit the design brief submitted. Design Engineers will then receive notification of the uploaded tender, and request that they submit a quotation. Quotations can then be filtered by cost and/or lead time, as required.

From then, it's down to the Scaffold Contractor to select the most appropriate Design Engineer and proceed with the job.

All tenders and quotations are submitted on a 'blind bid' basis, meaning the details of both parties are anonymous until a successful quotation has been accepted. This provides security for the Scaffold Contractor, and provides fair quoting system for Design Engineers. This also displays that the contractor is following due diligence process.

Both Scaffold Contractors, and Design Engineers are vital to the success of kNnect. All our Design Engineers are fully vetted. Including a face to face interview, reference checking, and their most recent design projects inspected by our in house team. This ensures only the highest quality of both Scaffold Contractors and Design Engineers, thus creating a strong, long-lasting relationship, of quality and trust.

How It Works

Advantages of signing up to kNnect



  • We provide a simplistic design brief template for you to fill in and upload
  • We provide you with quotations from numerous Design Engineers nationwide
  • We guarantee competitive quotations, which indicate lead time and cost upfront
  • We list only the very best, and most appropriate design engineers, ensuring quality and full peace of mind.
  • We provide monthly data analysis, displaying total design briefs uploaded, and the total cost savings made
  • We offer full support from the kNnect team, should you have any questions or queries along the way.

We provide all this for Free!

First of all, sign up to kNnect for free!

kNnect is the revolutionary system for your complete scaffold design solutions. The site is specifically tailored to enable an IT aficionado, or computer novice to obtain competitive quotations, for any project in a timely fashion. Simply fill out the online design brief and wait for quotations to come to you, it’s that easy! Each quotation will list the cost and lead time, then choose the one that fits your criteria, and proceed.

In recent years, trading successfully in the construction industry has become increasingly difficult. This is primarily due to the rising costs of project completions, limited resources and lost time. With kNnect you can systematically reduce your time and effort in enlisting an engineer, reduce cost and turnaround time, and therefore make your company more efficient, so resources can be utilised in other areas.



  • Access to quote from design briefs uploaded from hundreds of Scaffold Contractors nationwide.
  • A continuous stream of work to acquire
  • The power to tailor your workload to suit your requirements
  • The reassurance of having work available, when needed
  • The ability to set your own price and lead time
  • Monthly data analysis, listing the range of quotations submitted, in comparison to your quotations

We provide all this for a commission fee of 10% on all projects won. No Win - No Fee!

First of all, sign up to kNnect for free!

kNnect is a revolutionary system allowing you access to quote for design projects nationwide. Log in, as little, or as often as you like, and check for the latest uploaded tenders. Click to view the design brief uploaded, review, and submit a quotation indicating both cost and lead time. Then simply wait for scaffold contractors to accept, and proceed with the work. It's that easy!

In recent years there has been a large influx of design engineers into the scaffold industry. This is only set to increase, meaning your most reliable customers may be tempted elsewhere. The uncertainty of the market, and its future, lead to the forming of kNnect. kNnect can provide you with a constant flow of work, from various scaffold contractors across the country, and the security of being able to obtain work, anytime. The introduction of TG20:13 Compliance Sheets has also had a huge impact on the amount of design work required, reducing design work by up to 40% - Another reason to get on board with the most innovative system in the design industry.

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"kNnect is the revolutionary system for your complete scaffold design solutions"